ULTRA 24-12

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ULTRA 24-12 ropes are constructed using specially twisted yarns of NIKA-Steel® fibers with High Tenacity Polyester fibers (in a 50% – 50% w/w combination respectively) in the outer layers of the strand. Each strand is composed of mixed NIKA-Steel® / HT Polyester yarns in the outer layers and NIKA-Steel® yarns in the core layer.



Their mechanically balanced structure, accordant to EN ISO 10556 specification, protects the strands’ outer layers against abrasion while achieving extra high breaking strengths.

ULTRA 24-12 ropes’ layout is ideal for demanding applications where high abrasion resistance & extra high strength are required. They have very good resistance to sunlight & chemicals, very good resistance to cyclic loading, and their efficiency remains the same both in wet and dry conditions.

ULTRA 24-12 ropes are produced according to international standards such as EN ISO 10556. They are user-friendly, rotation-resistant, and easy to splice. They comply with the latest regulations and recommendations of OCIMF for the safe mooring of tankers.

Technical Data

Nom. Size
Nom. Size
Weight (+/- 5%)MBL 
(acc. ISO 2307)
(acc. MEG4)
mmincheskg / 100m mtrkg / 220 mtrtntn
364 1/2”71.0156.228.926.3
445 1/2”107.0235.442.238.4
526 1/2”151.0332.256.050.9
607 1/2”201.0442.272.966.3
688 1/2”257.0565.492.984.4
769 1/2”324.0712.8116.1105.5
8410 1/2”395.0869.0137.8125.2

LDBF: Line Design Break Force
MBL: Minimum Breaking Load

more sizes available upon request