Docko Twist PES Mooring Line 3 Strands

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KATRADIS Docko TWIST PES, is the classical 3 Strand rope constructed by a High Tenacity Polyester for extended durability that every boat needs.

It’s not floating, so it could be used as Anchor Line and Mooring Line.




Technical Data

DiameterBr. LoadReel LengthReel WeightPackingCore
68002006,4Bobbin3STR POLYESTER
81.35020010,5Bobbin3STR POLYESTER
102.08020017,0Bobbin3STR POLYESTER
123.00020026,0Bobbin3STR POLYESTER
144.10020034,0Bobbin3STR POLYESTER
165.30010022,0Bobbin3STR POLYESTER
186.70010027,5Bobbin3STR POLYESTER
208.30010032,5Bobbin3STR POLYESTER
2210.00010040,5Coil3STR POLYESTER
2412.00010043,5Coil3STR POLYESTER
2614.00010048,0Coil3STR POLYESTER
2815.80010056,0Coil3STR POLYESTER
3017.80010065,0Coil3STR POLYESTER
3220.00010077,0Coil3STR POLYESTER
3422.40010085,0Coil3STR POLYESTER
3624.80010097,0Coil3STR POLYESTER
4030.000100115,0Coil3STR POLYESTER