Docko Multi Floating Mooring Line 12 Strands, Polypropelene

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KATRADIS Docko Multi ropes are suitable for use as mooring line in applications where the rope is required to float in water. It is made of Multifilament Polypropylene and offers high elasticity and durability.

The Multi Rope, floats making it light and easy to use, while its elastic property will dampen the load smoothly, without burdening your boat’s deck Cleats.
Its construction makes it very durable, without losing its elasticity and shape.




Technical Data

DiameterBr. LoadReel LengthReel WeightPackingCore
81.1502006,0Bobbin12STR MULTI PP
101.65020010,0Bobbin12STR MULTI PP
122.35020014,0Bobbin12STR MULTI PP
143.35020016,5Bobbin12STR MULTI PP
164.50010012,0Bobbin12STR MULTI PP
185.50010016,5Bobbin12STR MULTI PP
206.80010021,0Bobbin12STR MULTI PP
227.90010024,0Coil12STR MULTI PP
249.30010027,0Coil12STR MULTI PP
2611.00010031,0Coil12STR MULTI PP
2813.10010038,0Coil12STR MULTI PP
3013.80010040,0Coil12STR MULTI PP
3214.75010045,0Coil12STR MULTI PP
3416.50010049,0Coil12STR MULTI PP
3621.10010058,0Coil12STR MULTI PP
4025.50010070,0Coil12STR MULTI PP