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Katradis Group of Companies is a pioneer in the manufacture of ropes, the fabrication of aquaculture nets, the production of marine & antifouling paints, and a major supplier of aquaculture products such as shackles, anchor chains, long link chains, solar marine lights, and rope drivers.

Katradis provides also sterling services in the fish farming industry by offering products of long duration of life in the most competitive prices of the market, with direct deliveries and the best terms of payment.

Katradis extensive experience and expertise in the design and development of synthetic filaments over the years, is reflected in its manufacturing of top quality ropes and nets such as nylon, polyester, and UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), and others which are produced in its factory in Greece, covering an area of 30,000 m2 and being one of the most technologically advanced rope manufacturing facilities in Europe. More recently, responding to customer demand, Katradis launched also the production of marine and antifouling paints complying with the requirements of all international standards.

With our dedicated and competent personnel and technical staff, a broad range of quality products and excellent service record, big companies in the fish farming sector are for many years our satisfied clients as we always try to listen & keep up to our client’s requirements by proposing effective solutions and offering technologically advanced products for minimizing the costs and optimizing their delicate production-operation.

Our ISO 9001 LRQA quality assurance guarantees to our clients the high quality of the products offered & services rendered.

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