Mooring Tails or mooring pendants are special-length ropes that introduce elasticity in a high Modulus (low stretch) mooring & towing line, providing safer operations.

Their primary use is to give elasticity in a low stretch line (High Modulus Synthetic Rope or Wire Rope) which reduces the peak loads and extends the service life.

This way, small vessel movements (i.e. caused by swell or even waves) are absorbed by the mooring tail’s elongation and do no subject the main line in high loads.

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KATRADIS Mooring Tails are ideal for use in Mooring, STS & Towing operations. KATRADIS Mooring Tails are constructed according to the latest regulations and recommendations of OCIMF for the safe mooring of tankers, LNG, and LPG vessels.

KATRADIS Mooring Tails are also appropriate for use in Cruise Ships, Bulk Carriers, and Container Ships. The standard tail length for tankers, LNG, and LPG vessels is 11m or 22m.

How to choose the right mooring tail for your application

The 22m length tails made from Nylon fiber are considered as “exposed berths standard”. They are highly recommended as they offer better surge, swell and shock load absorption properties. The high length of the tail (22m) and the high elasticity of the material (Nylon) can reduce significantly the imposed axial stress in the mainline (Mooring or Tugging)

Each splice has minimum of 5 tucks (depending also on the requested finished tail’s length)

Each tail has two spliced eyes, with standard lengths of 1,8m (6ft) and 0,9m (3ft) length

Mooring Tail Usage Guides

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