Well into our 9th decade…

And continuing our journey to excellence and growth

The Katradis Group of companies is an established manufacturer of marine supplies with a strong presence in the marine industry since 1936. We manufacture a wide range of synthetic mooring ropes and steel wire ropes. We also produce zinc and aluminum sacrificial anodes for the cathodic protection of ships’ hull and tank. We are a major stockist of anchors and anchor chains as well as port development and deck equipment. In recent years our production line has expanded to include yachting ropes as well as fishing and aquaculture nets. Using the support of an extensive global network of affiliated establishments, agents, suppliers and representatives we guarantee immediate service at all major ports around the world.

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Over the years we have developed extensive expertise in the design and development of synthetic mooring ropes, which are our mainline products. Our rope factory in Greece, whose site covers an area of 30000m2, is one of the most technologically advanced factories in Europe, manufacturing top-quality ropes such as Double braided, Siri UHMWPE (ULTRA High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), Aramid, LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) and others.

Responding to more recent customer demand, our company has proceeded the manufacture zinc and aluminum sacrificial anodes such as Hull anodes, Tank anodes, Pit guard anodes, all of which are made in our highly specialized foundry.

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