How to order a Wire Rope

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In ordering a wire rope be sure to give complete information. The following would be a typical order : 200mtrs. 24mm, 6 X 36 FC.

Length: State the exact length desired. In ordering end fittings such as thimbles, links or hooks spliced in, give exact length from bearing to bearing or end rope, or submit a sketch with dimensions.

Diameter: The true diameter of a wire rope is the diameter of a circle which will enclose it. In using the caliper to determine the diameter please measure from crown to crown and not from valley to valley.

how to order wire ropes

Construction: Advise whether 6 X 19, 6 X 25F, 4 X 39, 8 X 19, or other.

Lay: State definitely whether Regular (right hand or left hand), or Lang’s Lay (right hand or left hand) is required; if it is uncertain, consult our sales department. Standard practice is to furnish Right Hand Regular (ordinary) Lay, but if Left Hand Regular (ordinary) Lay is required for cable tool drilling or some other purpose, be sure to state.

Core: Indicate whether Fiber Core (FC) or Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) is desired.