IMPROVED 24-12  RSB is the rope developed for maximum safety on-board due to the specified construction engineered for reduced snap-back reaction.

Manufactured from High Tenacity Polyester and the superb NIKA-Steel® fibers (developed by KATRADIS MARINE ROPES INDUSTRY SA), IMPROVED Mixed NIKA-Steel®  RSB ropes are ideal choice for frequent use in a wide range of applications.

The reduced recoil effect is accomplished with the use of an inner-braid rope structure that will enable the restraining of snap-back release in case of partition. Due to the different elongation properties of the primary rope member and the RSB member, the recoiling of the rope is reduced, which increases the safety on-board.



Force – Elongation properties

The two-step partition of the rope is attributed to the RSB member that exhibits higher elongation and restraints the extreme snap-back effect when the rope is stretched to break.

APPLICATIONS:  Mooring – Anchoring – Mooring tail

Technical Data

Nom. Size
Nom. Size
Weight (+/- 5%)MBL 
(acc. ISO 2307)
(acc. MEG4)
mmincheskg / 100m mtrkg / 220 mtrtntn
364 1/2”73.1160.828.626.0
445 1/2”102.0224.441.838.0
526 1/2”142.0312.455.450.4
607 1/2”186.0409.272.265.6
688 1/2”243.6535.992.083.6
769 1/2”299.6659.1115.0104.5
8410 1/2”366.4806.1136.4124.0

LDBF: Line Design Break Force
MBL: Minimum Breaking Load

more sizes available upon request

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