NIKA-STEEL Double Braided ropes are specially engineered to provide maximum performance and ease of handling. They are composed of NIKA-Steel® fibers and HT Polyester fibers carefully balanced in a unique Double Braided construction. The 32×2 strands cover is over-braided over the twill braided core. The 50% weight percentage of each element ensures maximum performance from both core and cover resulting in higher breaking Load and lower rope diameter.

APPLICATIONS:  Mooring – Towing – Anchoring

They are user friendly and torque free (rotation resistant). They exhibit excellent resistance against abrasion, UV sunlight and very good endurance in cyclic loading. They retain their strength when wet. NIKA-DualForce ropes are ideal for applications requiring floating properties.

They are produced and quality controlled in accordance to the latest standards (ISO 9554 & ISO 2307).

Technical Specifications

Technical Data

Nom. Size (Diam)Nom. Size (Circ)Weight (+/- 5%)MBL (acc. ISO 2307)LDBF (acc. MEG4)
mmincheskg / 100m mtrkg / 220 mtrtntn
364 1/2”70.0154.028.025.2
445 1/2”106.0233.239.035.1
526 1/2”148.0325.655.049.5
607 1/2”200.0440.071.063.9
688 1/2”257.0565.492.883.5
769 1/2”319.0701.8116.0104.4
8410 1/2”390.0858.0137.0123.3
9211 1/2”463.01018.6165.0148.5

LDBF: Line Design Break Force
MBL: Minimum Breaking Load

more sizes available upon request

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