The most reliable all-purpose rope!

IMPROVED 8 ropes are constructed according to EN ISO 10556 § 5.2.1. The cover yarns of each strand of fiber ropes are made with polyester fibers covering a polyolefin core and contain a minimum of 40 % by mass of polyester fiber.

Their mechanically balanced structure, protects the strand layers against abrasion while achieving high breaking strengths.


IMPROVED 8 ropes’ layout is ideal for applications requiring floating properties and resistance to abrasion without compromising the axial strength.

They have very good resistance to sunlight & chemicals, good resistance to cyclic loading, and their efficiency remains the same both in wet and dry conditions. Best-selling IMPROVED 8 is definitely an excellent multi-purpose rope.

IMPROVED 8 ropes are produced according to international standards such as EN ISO 10556. They are user friendly, rotation resistant and easy to splice. They comply with the latest regulations and recommendations of OCIMF for the safe mooring of tankers.

LR Type Approval mark 150

Technical Data

Size (Circ)Size (Diam)Weight(+/- 5%)


(acc. to ISO 2307)


(acc. to MEG4)

inchesmmkilos / 100mkilos / 220mTonsTons
4 ½  3666,514628,125,5
5 ½  449621140,837,1
6 4811525348,143,7
6 ½  5213629954,349,4
7 ½  6018039670,163,7
8 ½  6823451589,981,7
9 ½ 76290638112,9102,6
10 ½    84352774134,9122,6

More sizes are available upon request.

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