Spectra-Siri® S12 COVERED are High Modulus / High-Performance ropes with long-term fatigue life properties and outstanding quality performance ideal for the critical operations of the shipping industry. They consist of a 12-strand load-bearing core (Spectra® fibers) and a protective braided jacket. This rope construction is firm, round, and torque-free.

APPLICATIONS: Mooring (to be used with Synthetic tails), Anchoring, Tow Lines (to be used with synthetic tails), STS operations, OFFSHORE YACHTING

Spectra-Siri® S12 COVERED ropes combine the excellent properties of Honeywell’s Spectra® fibers and an insuperable manufacturing process. The use of the special NikaThane coating application on the Spectra® fibers and the superior in-house Linear Structural Preformation (LSP) process provides a high-quality robust rope construction with higher strength efficiency and excellent abrasion resistance. Spectra-Siri® S12 COVERED ropes exhibit excellent resistance to UV sunlight and weathering degradation and thus an extended service life (more than 7 years).

Spectra-Siri® S12 COVERED ropes are an excellent wire-rope alternative and offer several benefits:

Spectra-Siri® S12 COVERED ropes are produced according to ISO 10325-2018 and they comply with OCIMF’s latest regulations & recommendations for the safe mooring of the tanker-LNG-LPG vessels.

Technical Specifications

Technical Data

NOM. Size (Circ.)NOM. Size (Diameter)Weight (+/- 10%)LDBF (acc. MEG4)MBL (acc. ISO 2307)
Inchesmmkgs/100 mtrkgs/220 mtrtonstons
2 1/41823.351.327.229.9
2 1/22033.673.933.536.8
2 3/42242.393.041.545.6
3 1/42654.2119.356.261.8
3 1/22871.6157.665.872.4
3 3/43076.5168.373.781.1
4 1/43483.8184.485.594.0
4 1/23690.1198.395.6105.2
4 3/43897.5214.5107.5118.3
5 1/442143.7316.2132.5145.7
5 1/244159.3350.4146.5161.1
5 3/446167.8369.1160.2176.2
6 1/450206.5454.4192.4211.6
6 1/252217.4478.4209.9230.9
6 3/456246.4542.1223.2245.5
7 1/264300.4660.9274.0301.4
8 1/272381.5839.4357.1392.8

LDBF: Line Design Break Force
MBL: Minimum Breaking Load

weight tolerance is +/- 10% as per ISO 10325:2018

more sizes available upon request

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