High Performance Rope Installation Case Study

Why does Unisea Shipping trust Siri® mooring ropes?

Unisea Shipping LTD is a well-known Greek ship management company with Tankers and Bulk Carriers, that was set up in 2005. Its operations are always made with the highest standards and professionalism as it emphasizes on safe, secure, efficient and environmentally friendly shipping.

Katradis Marine Ropes Ind. shares this passion for excellence and high standards. This has led to a longstanding cooperation between the two companies with equipping its vessels with Siri® High Performance mooring ropes.

Siri® High Performance mooring ropes were installed by Katradis expert technical staff in 2 new building oil tankers of Unisea Shipping LTD, where their performance, quality and reliability exceeded the expectations that they were set. After all the new technology tankers that were built at Korean Samsung Shipyard, required high quality and technologically advanced ropes, which are approved by OCIMF with MEG4 certificates.

During the installation process, Katradis technical staff was as well on board and apart from completing the installation, they also trained the vessels’ crew according to Neptune training program, on how to handle but also on how to maintain the ropes.


Katradis Marine Ropes Industry SA equipped Unisea’s vessels with the new, technologically advanced, Siri® High Performance mooring ropes (boosted technology with heat setting process that enhances the High Performance ropes’ superior characteristics), which are easy to handle and also provide safer mooring line due to the very low snap back. However, Katradis Marine Ropes Industry SA, also provides Neptune, a comprehensive program of services solutions, which fully covers not only the needs of the mooring ropes, but also through our engineers it ensures a safer, faster, reduced-risk mooring operations and maximized rope service life.

Hence, Siri® High Performance mooring ropes have the following characteristics:


very low snapback and support for reduced risk with Neptune


new technology Siri Heat setting for performance to the Maximum


simple and 24/7 support
with Neptune

And that's the reason why Unisea Trusts us!

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