We are delighted to reflect on our significant participation in the 17th Annual Conference of Marine Technology, hosted by the Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology. This prestigious event gathered industry leaders and experts to discuss the latest developments poised to redefine the shipping industry.

Our marine ropes specialist, Mr. Akis Zygouris, was among the esteemed presenters and took center stage to introduce our innovative Reduced Snap Ropes. These ropes represent a leap forward in ensuring safer mooring operations and are designed in strict compliance with the latest international guidelines. The presentation highlighted the ropes’ advanced features, which are engineered to mitigate the risk of snap-back incidents, thereby enhancing the safety of maritime personnel.

Safety in maritime operations is not just a regulatory requirement but a fundamental value that guides our research and product development. The Reduced Snap Ropes embody our commitment to safety and our relentless pursuit of pioneering solutions in marine technology. Their development is a testament to our dedication to providing the marine industry with products that not only meet but exceed safety standards.

We extend our gratitude to the Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology for organizing such a comprehensive and insightful conference. We are also grateful to all the participants who showed keen interest in our presentation and products. At KATRADIS, we remain dedicated to championing safety and innovation, and we eagerly anticipate contributing to future dialogues and developments within the marine industry.

For more details on our Reduced Snap Ropes and other marine products, you can read our R&D Article .

KATRADIS Participation at the 17th Annual Marine Technology Conference Photo Gallery