We recently participated in an educational event organized by Isalos.net at the Merchant Navy Academy of Greece. The event aimed to educate students and future industry professionals on the importance of maritime safety and the proper use of marine ropes.

During the event, our experts emphasized the critical role that high-quality ropes play in ensuring the safety of seafarers and vessels. They discussed key aspects such as rope selection, inspection, maintenance, and safe handling practices. Our experts also highlighted the potential risks associated with substandard ropes and shared best practices to minimize hazards.

The interactive session allowed participants to actively engage, ask questions, and gain valuable insights from KATRADIS Group’s experienced representatives. The company also showcased its latest innovations in marine ropes, demonstrating its commitment to advancing safety and performance in the maritime industry.

The lecture was delivered by Akis Zygouris our Marine Ropes Expert.

The collaboration between Isalos.net and KATRADIS Group showcased their shared dedication to promoting maritime education and raising safety standards. By equipping future seafarers with knowledge and skills, KATRADIS Group strives to contribute to a safer and more efficient maritime sector.