Neptune Service
Solutions Program

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A comprehensive program of
service solutions for your mooring lines

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Neptune Solutions by Katradis Marine Ropes is a new comprehensive program of service solutions for your mooring lines. It includes technical assistance for optimum mooring line selection, technical training, quality inspection and structural integrity assessment. In addition, it provides guidance for easy and efficient MEG4 guideline adoption.

Neptune Solutions is provided 24/7, worldwide by our expert Engineers ensuring safer, faster, reduced-risk mooring operations and maximized rope service life.

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Mooring Planning & Management

Mooring Planning & Management

    • Help-desk Katradis team
  • Mooring System Management Plan according to MEG4


Incident Prevention

Incident Prevention

  • Training Courses
  • Simple and easy instructions for effective understanding of MEG4 Guidelines


Rope Health Monitoring

Rope Health Monitoring

  • with Neptune Inspection App
  • For efficient evaluation of the rope condition in line with MEG4.


Neptune Solutions

Neptune Solutions

  • Reduce your mooring operational risks
  • Maximize the life span of your rope



Whenever and wherever you need us,
for reliable, safer, simpler
mooring operations


Planning & management of mooring

Support for optimal mooring line selection

A member of the Katradis Help Desk Team will be assigned to your project and will work closely with your managers. We provide technical support such as mooring line inspection, maintenance and retirement criteria in line with MEG4. 


Incident Prevention

Training Courses

Our experts can train your crew and executives in safety, maintenance, inspection and management of your mooring lines according to OCIMF MEG4, IMO & ISO/CI standards. Training can take place either on-site or at your head-offices. The training courses are designed to provide you with increased crew safety and improved management of your mooring ropes.

Simple and easy instructions for enhanced understanding of guidelines

The training courses include instructional videos and presentations, easy-to-fill checklists for on board procedures and online technical support.

Rope Health Monitoring

On board visual inspection and audit

We can help you assess the condition of your mooring lines worldwide, at any time. Our expert Katradis Team can perform on board visual quality inspections and audit your mooring operation. After the inspection, you will receive a comprehensive official inspection report about the condition of your mooring lines and recommendations for your mooring operation.

Rope health monitoring using our Neptune Inspection App evaluation software.

Neptune Monitoring Software can be used to track line usage & condition in order to reliably manage your mooring lines & tails according to MEG4.

Residual strength testing and line condition analysis according to MEG4 & ISO/CI standards.

We can evaluate precisely the remaining operational life of your mooring lines. Our scientific team utilizes cutting-edge technology and high tech equipment. All testing will be done according to the latest OCIMF & ISO/CI standards.

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service solutions for ropes
  • Reduce your operational costs by improving the working life of mooring lines.
  • Reduce mooring operation risks by preventing incidents.
  • Improve your safety by trusting the monitoring of your lines to the experts.
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