Spectra K

Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) are included in the category of the largest tanker vessels with a size in excess of 250,000 DWT, transferring huge volumes of crude oil around the world. In the critical and demanding task of securing such a ship into a terminal, our strong and durable Siri HMPE mooring ropes made of Honeywell’s Spectra fibers is the ideal choice for safety and high performance in mooring operations.

5 reasons Spectra-Siri ropes outperform the competition and are ideal for VLCC tanker vessels

With several benefits over competitive high modulus ropes and also steel wire ropes, our Spectra-Siri is the choice of MARAN Tankers Management Inc. for the mooring equipment of the upcoming newbuilding VLCC vessel MARAN ANTIOPE.

Benefits of Spectra-Siri ropes for VLCC tanker vessels

Ease of handling, excellent mechanical properties, high tenacity, negligible maintenance costs, and very long service lifetime are five key characteristics of Spectra-Siri ropes which are manufactured under our very own Siri heat-setting technology and have been approved and certified as per the latest guidelines of OCIMF (MEG4, Mooring Equipment Guidelines 4th edition).

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