Choosing Mooring Ropes for the Tanker Kimolos

Kyklades Maritime Corporation is a Greek shipping company that since 1985 has been known for high standards, maritime tradition and professionalism. Its excellent worldwide reputation has led to trading with Major Oil Companies.
L tanker kimolos

Katradis Marine Ropes Ind. shares this passion for excellence and high standards. This has led to a longstanding cooperation between the two companies. Specifically for more than 5 years , Katradis has been the exclusive supplier-manufacturer of UHMWPE mooring ropes for Kyklades Maritime Corporation with NIKA SIRI® S-12 mooring ropes.

NIKA-Siri® S-12 mooring ropes have equipped all 7 new technology oil tankers of Kyklades Maritime Corporation. The ropes’ performance, quality and reliability exceeded expectations.

So naturally, when the time came to choose mooring ropes for MT “KIMOLOS”, a Suezmax new technology tanker built at the Japanese JMU shipyard, Kyklades Maritime Corporation turned again to Katradis.

L Kyklades installation 2 v2

For your safer, stronger, simpler mooring operation

kimolos installation sq 1

Safety, Power, Simplicity, Uniqueness

Katradis Marine Rope Ind. equipped the vessel KIMOLOS with NIKA-Siri® S-12 DB mooring ropes. It is a safer mooring line with very low snap back, maximum strength with high quality UHMWPE fiber and very easy to use and handle.

NIKA-Siri® is produced with the unique Siri® Heat Setting Technology and superior Nika® Lube Coating that enhance to the maximum the High-Performance ropes’ superior characteristics.

Data of case study

Mooring Ropes
The NIKA SIRI ropes installed from the Katradis’ technical support team at Tsu JMU shipyard in Japan.
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