Based on our extensive experience in the marine industry, we are commited to creating value for our customers by offering reliable products that always meet the market's demands.


Constantinos Katradis
CEO Katradis Marine Ropes

Research & Development

Cadmium-Free Cathodic Protection: A Revolutionary Step Towards Sustainability

KATRADIS, in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens, is proud to announce a groundbreaking development in the field of Cathodic Protection technology – NIKA Anodes without cadmium.

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Neptune Service Solutions

Neptune Solutions by Katradis Marine Ropes is a new comprehensive program of service solutions for your mooring lines. It includes technical assistance for optimum mooring line selection, technical training, quality inspection and structural integrity assessment.

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Port infrastructure development: 5 trends about to become global

Port infrastructure is a crucial element in the maritime sector. As global trade continues to expand, port infrastructure development plays a pivotal role in facilitating the efficient movement of goods and bolstering economic growth.

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