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Constantinos Katradis
CEO Katradis Marine Ropes

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Safer snap back zones

Reduced snap back ropes: Safer snap back zones in mooring

Reduced snap back ropes have a role to play in making snap back zones safer. What other precautions should be taken on deck? Read everything in our article.

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MEG4 – Mooring Equipment Guidelines: Safe mooring at terminals with Katradis ropes

MEG4 – updated safety guidelines. Make your operation safer, berth in unconventional terminals and choose your mooring lines & tails wisely. Read our article.

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Cathodic protection systems with sacrificial anodes: 5 important key points to consider

How important are cathodic protection systems? What role does the purity of anode material play in galvanic corrosion? How often should anodes be replaced for better hull protection against corrosion?

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