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Katradis and Incargo join forces in Las Palmas

Katradis Marine Ropes Industry S.A.. is proud to announce its cooperation with Incargo., one of the largest and most reliable suppliers to the commercial marine , which is now maintaining a large inventory of Katradis Marine Ropes Industry S.A. mooring ropes in Las Palmas.

Incargo, an Authorised Economical Operator (AEO), enjoys quite a wide area of activity in various geographical locations such as Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Morocco, Italy, Brasil, Panama and Cuba. Incargo is very active as a ship supplier, representing different companies such as Katradis, Vecom, Sealub alliance, etc.

Other important activities of the company include operating as ship agents, logistical operators freight forwarders, bunker and luboil traders, and providing auxiliary services for cruise companies and superyachts.

Incargo is centrally located in Las Palmas, serving the port of Las Palmas. We strongly believe that the quality of our mooring ropes and the prompt service rendered by our agent, Incargo., can fulfil all your needs to your full satisfaction.

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