Katradis S.A. is proud to announce a monumental achievement in the realms of maritime safety and environmental sustainability.
Our innovative product,the Improved RSB (Reduced Snap Back) mooring rope, has been honored with not one, but two prestigious awards at the Green Brand Awards 2024 – Platinum and Gold.

In the maritime industry, ensuring the safety of personnel and vessels is paramount. The Improved RSB mooring rope represents a significant advancement in mooring safety, specifically designed to mitigate the dangerous effects of snap-back incidents, which pose a significant risk during mooring operations.

Our dedication to sustainability is at the core of our product development process. The Improved RSB mooring rope is a testament to this commitment, showcasing our relentless pursuit of eco-friendly innovations. By integrating sustainability into our safety-enhancing products, we are setting new standards for the industry, proving that environmental responsibility and operational excellence can go hand in hand.

The recognition from the Green Brand Awards 2024 underscores the impact of our ongoing research and development efforts. At Katradis S.A., we believe that the future of the maritime industry lies in the balance of safety, sustainability, and technological advancement. Our R&D team, driven by this vision, continues to pioneer solutions that not only protect lives but also preserve our oceans for future generations.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our customers, partners, and the entire maritime community for supporting our journey towards a safer and greener future. Together, we are navigating towards new horizons, empowered by innovations like the Improved RSB (Reduced Snap Back) mooring ropes.

Stay updated with Katradis S.A. as we continue to lead the charge in maritime safety and sustainability. Explore our range of products and learn more about our initiatives for a safer, more sustainable maritime industry.

Katradis S.A. Honored with Green Brand Awards 2024 for Commitment to Safety and Sustainability Photo Gallery