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HYPERFLEX C - 35(W)xK7 Compacted Wire Rope

35(W)xK7 Compacted Wire Rope Fully compacted • 16 outer strands • 1960 Grade

The 35(W)xK7 Compacted wire rope belongs in the multi strand, rotation resistant classification but its strands are compacted and is used as hoisting wire rope.

It is very flexible, 3-layer construction and is suitable for use on European crane brands. Most common lay is the Lang's lay, for multi layer spooling on the winch drum. 2160 tensile strength is also available upon request. 

These ropes are usually produced as drawn galvanized and internally & externally lubricated, which makes them corrosion resistant and endurable against the various harsh marine environment factors.

Optionally, these ropes are inner plastified for additional protection against corrosion as the inner core is kept greased and is unaffected by the environmental factors that degrade the rope and reduce its useful service life. Inner plastification adds to safety standards as inspection is very difficult for the inner part of the rope, improves the fatigue life, shows greater resistance to drum crushing, is more abrasion resistant and shows reduced interstrand nicking.

Diligent production processes, raw material selection and quality control in all stages of production ensure a long and trouble free service life.

Attention must be paid on the installation of the new rope on board, its running-in (bedding in) period and load and the inspection before and after every usage.

Compacting technology reduces the size and increases the breaking strength. Please read more on advantages of compacted wire ropes.

Technical Data
Nominal diameter Approx. weight Minimum breaking load
mm Kg/m kN
12 0.74 133
13 0.86 155
14 1.00 180
15 1.15 215
16 1.30 244
18 1.70 309
19 1.85 345
20 2.10 375
21 2.25 414
22 2.50 450
23 2.77 490
24 2.95 530
25 3.15 590
26 3.50 620
27 3.75 670
28 4.08 720
29 4.30 775
30 4.65 830
32 5.55 940
34 5.95 1050
36 6.70 1180
38 7.08 1250
40 7.85 1380


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