NIKA®-Guard Protector for Ropes

An excellent cost-effective option to protect your ropes!

NIKA®-Guard is a Flat Polyester webbing pad used for the protection of ropes against abrasive surfaces (chocks, bitts etc.). The Velcro scratch tape, firmly stitched on the sleeve guard, is used for quick & easy installation and removal.


Available colors: blue, orange
Standard length: 2m

Available sizes

Size NIKA-Guard Protector for Ropes Flat width (mm) Adjusted Rope Diam. (mm)
A 200 10mm – 26mm
B 250 28mm – 40mm
C 300 44mm – 56mm
D 370 60mm – 68mm
E 430 72mm – 76mm
F 460 80mm – 88mm
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