crane wire rope

A new 5th edition of ISO 4309:2017 has just been issued for the care, maintenance, inspection, and discard of steel wire ropes used on cranes and hoists.

The new edition is technically revised and cancels & replaces the 4th edition of 2010.

It contains, among others, the following changes:

  • Magnetic Rope Test (MRT) methodology and discard criteria are introduced, as an aid to the internal inspection of wire ropes
  • Guidance is given on when to use magnetic rope testing and how to combine its results with other inspection results
  • An example of an MRT report is provided

We, at Katradis Group, as per our ISO 9001 & in-house quality procedures, study the new standards, check the amendments with the previous edition and implement the new specifications/modifications immediately. The standards reflect increased safety levels and their purpose is to inform the Industry and end-users about changes that have to be followed.

A copy of the new “ISO 4309:2017 Cranes — Wire ropes — Care and maintenance, inspection and discard” standard can be obtained from

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