Our company, knowing that the credibility and quality of the products it produces has a catalytic effect in maintaining and enhancing its reliability in the Greek and international market, is committed to maintaining the high quality of its products in accordance with the requirements of its customers and international specifications.

For the company KATRADIS MARINE ROPES INDUSTRY SA means the continuous improvement of the quality level of products and services offered to customers, to the full extent and the depth of its activities. Only quality assures the retention of its clientele, attracting new customers and increasing the competitiveness of its products. For this reason, the Company has established a Quality System that includes all those production processes that affect in one way or another the quality of the final product.

The company's objectives are:

The criticism of our partners and customers regarding the quality of our products and services is encouraged and desirable and welcome.

To achieve its goals, the management of the company KATRADIS MARINE ROPES INDUSTRY SA has the right resources to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to its staff as well as to improve their capabilities, invest in equipment and maintain the Quality System according to ISO 9001: 2015 as a management and control instrument. It encourages free and seamless internal communication and provides incentives to maximize participation, creativity and accountability of its staff.


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