Katradis Group has developed an efficient Environmental Management System in an effort to reduce or even eliminate its environmental footprint.  A main focus area is the production process, where reducing used energy and waste of resources and minimizing sewage is a primary objective.   A close to “zero waste” policy is made feasible, as all production waste, including synthetic fibers and packaging materials are collected and delivered for reuse.  Optimization of the production process has led to significant minimization of reactive power for energy reduction.  The company has included photovoltaic systems for energy sufficiency in its development plan.

Apart from the production process, all company functions are aligned with the demands for minimum environmental footprint.  Paperless offices are strongly encouraged while electric vehicles have already been added to the company’s fleet.

Last but not least, it is our top priority to cooperate with companies that share our Environmental Policy principles.  Therefore, all our partners are environmentally certified and in accordance with environmental regulations.

Katradis Environmental Management System is fully compliant with the International Standard ISO 14001:2015.

eco conscius

Katradis Group is commited to:

reduce, reuse, sustain

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