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Special HMPE Rope Constructions

NIKA-Siri® X-12 Rope

Nika-Siri UHMWPE Ropes X-12

NIKA-Siri® X-12 ropes are high Modulus / high performance UHMWPE 12-strand ropes, where each strand is a 12-strand UHMWPE rope over-braided with High Tenacity Polyester sheath, resulting in a robust rope structure.

The special engineered structure of NIKA-Siri® X-12 ropes gives them very high abrasion durability. This unique structure protects against both external and internal abrasion. Each strand is coated with NikaThane-J coating and undergoes a fine heat-setting process that enhances the rope-strand's breaking strength.

APPLICATIONS:  Mooring (to be used with Synthetic tails) – Anchoring – Tow Lines (to be used with Synthetic tails) – STS operations

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