Serving the Marine Industry since 1936

The Katradis Group of companies is an established company that has been in the marine industry since 1936. We manufacture a wide range of synthetic mooring ropes and steel wire ropes. We also produce zinc and aluminum sacrificial anodes for the cathodic protection of ships' hull and tank. In addition we provide an array of steel wireropes up to 80mm and all types of constructions. Katradis is a major stockist of anchors and anchor chains.

Our line of products also includes port development and deck equipment. In recent years our production line has expanded to include yachting ropes as well as fishing and aquaculture nets. Using the support of an extensive global network of affiliated establishments, agents, suppliers and representatives we quarantee immediate service at all major ports.

NIKA-Siri® X-12: A new rope for extreme operations

A UHMWPE designed for endurance against the extreme conditions of a tugging operation. Early trials showed that NIKA-Siri® X-12 outperforms all conventional High Modulus tugboat ropes.

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New ISO Standard for Crane Wire Ropes

A new 5th edition of ISO 4309:2017 has just been issued for the care, maintenance, inspection and discard of steel wire ropes used on cranes and hoists. The new edition is technically revised and cancels & replaces the 4th edition of 2010.
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Environmental Policy

Maintaining the company’s environmental friendly core values, KATRADIS MARINE ROPES INDUSTRY SA commits to apply the optimum environmental practices in its production and business activities and also for the constant effort to reduce its environmental footprint.
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