SPECTRA® High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Ropes are considered the best ropes for marine & industrial applications, performance yachting, aquaculture, commercial fishing, mountaineering etc and they can be the ideal substitute for wire and steel in the mooring line of the Tanker vessels, pennant lines for offshore rigs, tow hawsers, ship assist lines and a lot more.

SPECTRA® ropes float in water making them significantly safer, their low stretch properties provide greater sensitivity and their low elongation of 3% combined with their low weight makes their handling easy and the manoeuvring of vessels extremely accurate especially in distress & critical times.

SPECTRA® ropes are 10 times stronger than steel (by weight) and 3 times stronger than Polyester of equal weight. Exhibiting the highest strength to weight ration, these ropes are widely used and accepted by the major classification societies, Marine Forums and Oil & Shipping Companies in their first installation in newbuildings.

SPECTRA® ropes are small in volume (due to the smaller sizes used) making them suitable for easy storage and rapid deployment in emergency cases even by a single individual.

SPECTRA® ropes provide a high level of security and protection and are according to OCIMF's latest regulations & recommendations for the safe mooring of the Tanker vessels.


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