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NIKA-Protector for Ropes

NIKA® Protector for Mooring Ropes

The ultimate protection for your HMPE line!

NIKA-Protector has been designed mainly for the protection of HMPE mooring lines against external abrasion in areas such as chocks, bitts etc. This easy-to-handle (user friendly) braided sleeve is highly wear and abrasion resistant and will substantially extend the service life of a High Modulus line.

NIKA-Protector is made from a special blend of UHMWPE fibers. Additionally, NIKA-Lube coating is applied in order to reduce the friction between the Protector and the abrasive surfaces and thus increase even more the abrasion resistance.

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NIKA-Eye Splice Protector for Ropes

NIKA® Eye Splice Protector for Ropes

NIKA-Eye Splice Protector is a special braided cover designed for the protection of the eye splices.

In demanding applications, where the common Polyester tubular sleeves don’t operate well, the NIKA-Eye Splice Protector will satisfy every end-user with its unique endurance.

NIKA-Eye Splice Protector is made from specially twisted UHMWPE fibers. The application of NikaThane-P coating is reducing both the internal and external friction and offers maximum protection.

  • Abrasion & Cut resistant
  • Reduced internal/external friction
  • Installation during the splice construction

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NIKA-Guard Protector for Ropes

NIKA® Sleeve Guard for Mooring Ropes

An excellent cost-effective option to protect your ropes!

NIKA-Guard is a Flat Polyester webbing pad used for the protection of ropes against abrasive surfaces (chocks, bitts etc.). The Velcro scratch tape, firmly stitched on the sleeve guard, is used for quick & easy installation and removal.

Available colors: blue, orange
Standard length: 2m

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